About us
Our company's main activity is traverten'n natural stone. Our company began operations in 2010 has been very successful in a very short time. Removed from the quarries of travertine, many production processes in our factory are exported to all corners of the world from the past.

Our Mission
This export our stone made ​​of natural stone reserves of Yeşildere and are Taskale resort. We cornerstones of this region to introduce to the world the responsibility of each country, we have adopted as our company's mission.

In a short time these pieces of our local business centers in the UK, at home in America, in France, we have started to use in the garden. With a covered area of ​​2,500 m2 to 10,000 m2 open area operating ÖZ-CAN MARBLE Eregli way over 10 miles. There is also. Investments in increasingly enlarged to become a leader in the industry is progressing.

Our Values
Our factory is equipped with latest technology machines that carry their quarry operates Light and Extra Light travertine. Our factory has an annual production of 500,000 m2 with new investments and grow more of these figures are aiming ...